Training Program for Limudei Kodesh Principals and Trainers for Jewish Schools

The project trained Jewish Studies Principals, who lead the Limudei Kodesh team and developed curriculum and teaching tools.
The project included three principal teaching units: (1) Jewish Knowledge (109 hours); (2) Pedagogics for Teaching Jewish Studies (236 hours); (3) Development of Other Professional Skills, including supervisory skills; management skills; and ability to design educational materials (102 hours).

The program was comprised of weekly sessions; a 7-day seminar in Israel in February (49 hours); and a 9-day seminar in Paris, in July (63 hours). The second year included 27 weekly 4-hour sessions (108 hours); a 7-day seminar in Israel in December (49 hours); a 4-day seminar in Paris in February (28 hours); and a 6-day seminar in Paris, in July (42 hours). In Year two, each participant was also provided with 15 hours of coaching to deepen his knowledge of a specific field. Schools located the coaches. Each participant took part in four annual classroom visits, together with a supervisor who guided him in formulating observations and recommendations. There were a total of 220 hours of instruction during the first year, and 227 hours in the second year.

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