Minyanim 248 – Training European Leaders in the Art of “Doing”

Many Central and Eastern European communities struggle to provide young Jewish adults with accessible opportunities to gain the knowledge, expertise and commitment necessary to engage deeply in Jewish life. In a region that lacks strong Jewish communal leadership, these young adults, ages 25-40 – alumni of the Minyanim program and the 248 CAN (Community Action Network) – are being trained to fill important community leadership roles. Realizing the strong skills that they have acquired in the past years due to their involvement in Jewish programming, the Pincus Fund has joined forces with HOKK, and is supporting a project for a group of 20 young adults.  This group is primed for additional training to solidify their abilities to serve in local and regional leadership roles in the fields of education and activism through effective professional development and as part of a network. The initiative aims to help each of them realize their full potential through a program that offers monthly local Hub meetings, a monthly webinar series, face-to-face/virtual individual mentoring sessions and two conferences – a weeklong Israel-based conference and a second, shorter European Summit to be held in March 2020.

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