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Educational Consulting

The professional staff at the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education are experienced Jewish educators with a deep understanding of issues facing Jewish educational institutions and their needs. Our staff is available to provide consultations and support to organizations seeking assistance with projects that fall into the Pincus Fund’s Three Pillars strategy. Partnering with the Pincus Fund is an excellent opportunity for Jewish organizations to maximize their impact.

Financial Support

As a foundation, the Pincus Fund for Jewish Educational provides strategic grants for projects outside the United States. Projects financially supported by the Pincus Fund undergo in-depth analysis in order to assure the highest quality.

Jeducation World

Our goal in establishing Jeducation World is to extend horizons, stimulate discussion, broaden networking and promote sharing of Jewish educational ideas, programs and issues. The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education values principles of openness and diversity as well as reaching out to bridge sectorial and ideological divides.

In creating a discrete, specialized platform concentrating exclusively on Jewish educational issues, it is intended that Jeducation World will contribute to building respect and esteem for the profession of Jewish education and create a global family of educators which, in turn, may encourage outstanding young activists in the Jewish world to consider a career in Jewish education as a noble calling.

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