Commencing operations in 1977, the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education provides start-up support for creative educational projects in the Diaspora. To date, the Pincus Fund has invested in hundreds of organizations to address changing needs in the Jewish world through Jewish Education.

The Pincus Fund is unique in focusing on the over 90 countries outside of the USA where there is organized Jewish life, often overlooked and under-served, but representing fully one-third of the Diaspora Jewry population.

The Pincus Fund, an initiative originally created by the Jewish Agency for Israel in partnership with the World Zionist Organization, the Government of Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, is committed to the centrality of Israel and the value of diversity across the Jewish world.


The Pincus Fund’s Mission is to nurture inspiring educational leaders and support their most innovative ideas to ensure our children’s commitment to Israel, the Jewish people and our heritage.

At the Pincus Fund, our vision is for a world where our children are inspired to engage in and enrich the Jewish Story.


Since its first grant almost 40 years ago, the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education has worked to strengthen, expand and enrich Jewish education in communities throughout the Diaspora. The dream of a fund for Jewish education initiatives was originally led by the joint efforts of Louis Pincus and Max Fischer. Mr. Pincus unfortunately passed away before the Fund began to operate, however the work continued, and the new fund was dedicated in his memory. With the financial support of its founding partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the World Zionist Organization, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Government of Israel, the Pincus Fund awarded its first grant in March, 1977.

Since that first grant, the Pincus Fund has continued to support projects covering a wide spectrum of activities aimed at strengthening Jewish education in the Diaspora. Pincus Fund grants have played a vital role in the establishment and development of Jewish educational institutions, curriculum and educational materials, adult and informal education, and research into specific areas of Jewish education.

Almost 40 years later, the Pincus Fund is still playing an important role in Jewish education in communities across the world. The Pincus Fund continues to award grants to new and innovative projects that have an impact on Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora.

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