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Projects Across the Globe Sponsored by the Pincus FundThe Pincus Fund for Jewish Education provides start-up support for creative Jewish educational projects throughout the Diaspora.

HaDerech Lechinuch (The Path to Education)

Recently granted a third year of funding by the Pincus Fund, the project aims to improve the skills and professionalism of educational staff

Bet Halimoud

With a Jewish population of some 35,000, Lyon and its suburbs have easy access to the Espace Hillel, the local cultural and social center for the area’s Jews.

A Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language Bridging Program for Children entering Yeshiva-Beth Rivka Colleges from Secular Schools

Yeshiva-Bet Rivka is one of a number of Jewish Day Schools in Melbourne and has a student enrollment of 1,300 students from preschool through high school.

“Ir Smekha” Jewish Children’s Development Center

The Jewish Sunday School in Ulyanovsk opened in 1998 and serves children 7-13 years old.

Hundreds of organizations have been supported by the Pincus Fund

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