The Three Pillars

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The Jewish Educator

Education is a core value of the Jewish people, who have always revered their educators. Today, more than ever, our Jewish future relies on recruiting and training the next generation of effective, passionate advocates for Jewish values: role models who inspire lasting commitment to Israel, the Jewish people and our heritage.

The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education is committed to providing strategic start up support for educational projects in the Diaspora and encouraging talented youth throughout the world to choose Jewish education as their career.

Our Work With The Jewish educator

The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education’s strategy is to support Jewish educational institutions through the Three Pillars, three separate categories of projects that the Pincus Fund feels are essential in developing the future of Jewish education.


Creating a bridge for actively engaged young adults to pursue a longer term role in Jewish education as educators and/or lay leaders


Encouraging the upgrading of Jewish education as a serious, professional endeavor through qualifications and accreditation


Building a global professional learning community of educators, and enriching the world of the Jewish educator by breaking down isolation

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