Amitim Fellowship – Leadership Development in Germany

Over the past three decades, German Jewry has experienced remarkable growth, primarily driven by Russian Jewish immigration, which now constitutes 90% of the total community. However, the representation in formal community leadership does not reflect this demographic shift.

The challenge lies in cultivating Jewish identity and encouraging active participation in Jewish life among young Russian-speaking German Jews. This multifaceted issue is exacerbated by their complex identities, dispersion across the country, and limited exposure to Jewish involvement at home.

To address these challenges, the Amitim Fellowship has played a crucial role by providing a comprehensive two-year leadership and skills development program for approximately 200 young adults aged 18-35, with the invaluable support of the Pincus Fund. As the program enters its third year, a select group of 30 Amitim participants are presenting proposals for their start-up initiatives, focusing on addressing Jewish educational issues. Out of these, 6-8 projects will receive seed funding grants to be implemented collaboratively by teams of 3-5 individuals, utilizing their unique skills and interests.

The initiative emphasizes ongoing mentoring from Amitim staff and experienced mentors, including professionals and educational entrepreneurs, as well as graduates of the two-year Amitim Fellowship program. This aspect ensures that the fellows gain practical experience in project development, change management, and community activism, resulting in tangible outcomes that contribute to the enrichment of the Jewish community.

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