The project serves children ages 3-10, and their families. It operates on Sunday through Thursday, from 11:00-20:00. Children are divided into 3 groups, based on age: (1) children ages 3-5; (2) children ages 6-8; and (3) children ages 8-10 (. There are two hours of classes per day for each group, beginning at 11:00 for the youngest group; at 14:00 for the middle group; and at 17:00 for the oldest group. The curriculum includes: Hebrew Language; Jewish History; Jewish Tradition; Jewish Songs and Dances; English; Arts and Crafts; and Psychology. The program includes the study of Zionism and the State of Israel, and celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom HaShoah. Mishpacha is the first educational center for Jewish families in Saratov where children can acquire traditional Jewish knowledge and skills in an informal educational setting.

On Sundays all three groups of children have Theater together. On one Sunday each month, children demonstrate what they have learned through songs, dances, and sketches in Hebrew and English.
Parallel to the children’s lessons, on Sundays there are 2 one-hour class sessions for parents on the Jewish way of raising children; Family Relations According to the Torah; Basic Rules of Judaism; Jewish History; and the Jewish Outlook. The curriculum includes study of Zionism and the State of Israel. Once each week, at 19:00, a lesson is presented by a teacher, guest lecturer, or psychologist, for parents and children together.
The project includes holiday performances, drawing exhibitions, and concerts by children and parents together.
During the summer vacation, participants attend a recreational family camp.
The regular weekly classes take place in an apartment in the center of Saratov. As there are several rooms, a number of classes and individual sessions take place simultaneously. The project continually seeks feedback from participants and makes adjustments in order to maximize attendance.

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