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The project is implementing an enrichment program in Jewish Studies for teachers, madrichim and coordinators in informal education frameworks, and lay people who are Board members or volunteers in Jewish educational institutions, and who have some knowledge of Jewish Studies. The project thus enriches and strengthens the teaching of Jewish Studies in Argentina. If the project is successful, the applicant may further develop it into an in-service training program for teachers.

The project includes participants from throughout the country and is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of educators and volunteer leaders from Buenos Aries and the provinces.

The project includes frontal class lessons which meet weekly in Buenos Aires. The year is divided into two semesters, and each semester-long course is comprised of 15 three-hour sessions (45 hours per course). The project offers two courses in the first semester, and three courses in the second semester, taught by local instructors who are experts in Jewish Studies.
Course subjects include: Eretz Yisrael from the Perspective of Jewish Sources; Jewish Times, Cycles, Traditions, and Festivals; Tikkun Olam: Social Justice; Jewish Prayer, Blessings, and Spirituality; and Faith and Judgment in Judaism.
The training program also includes two year-long online virtual courses, each comprised of 36 two-hour sessions (72 hours per course), intended primarily for residents of the provinces. The topics of the online courses replicate two of the frontal courses offered in Buenos Aires. Two tutors encourage and support the work of students throughout implementation of the virtual courses.

During the course of the year, two Study Days (Yemei Iyun) are conducted for participants in the program. Each Yom Iyun extends for six hours, providing time for an introduction to the topics covered, discussion, and evaluation of interest in a more intensive program of in-service training for Jewish Studies teachers.
The project provides a total of 381 hours of instruction, comprised of 225 hours in frontal classes, 144 hours of online instruction, and 12 hours of Study Days. Each participant must enroll in at least 2 frontal courses totaling 90 hours, or 72 hours of online virtual courses.

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