To help strengthen Jewish identity, enhance the connection to the Jewish people and Israel and expand their knowledge of Jewish traditions, the project works with 20-30 Moldovan youth ages 12-16, to produce a series of animated cartoons about Sukkot, Purim and Pesach.

Classes are held weekly for three hours and participants receive an introduction to the holiday, including its history and traditions.  The participants take part in an educational program where they work in groups to research holiday symbols, images and the varying forms of celebrations, which also include learning through interactive quizzes and games.  The program is being implemented by a Project Coordinator and madrichim, all of who have informal Jewish education experience through their work in the local youth clubs and Sunday school.

As part of the program the youth also study the art of cartoon production that includes practical skills such as origami, applique and animation techniques, lighting and color, and sound.  Other classes teach skills such as sketching, script writing and production of characters’ voices, musical accompaniment, movie titles and splash screens.  Classes are held in a cartoon studio conducive to cartoon production where participants help develop the plot and characters, based on what they learned about the holiday.  Cartoons are being posted on social networks and on YouTube.


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