Establishing a Jewish Day School in Budapest

The United Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH) operates Gan Menachem which today serves 100 children from infancy through age 5. Gan Menachem is a bilingual program, conducted in both Hebrew and Hungarian. Each age group has both a Hebrew-speaking teacher and a Hungarian-speaking teacher. The project is establishing a primary school, so that children who attend Gan Menachem will be able to continue within the same framework.

The first six months of the project are devoted to preparations for opening the new school, particularly development of a unique bilingual curriculum in Hebrew and Hungarian. This will be the only Hebrew-Hungarian bilingual school in Hungary. The applicant will obtain formal recognition for the school from the Hungarian Ministry of Education.

The Jewish Studies curriculum will include instruction about the State of Israel, its history, political system, and current events. The school will observe Yom Hazikaron and will organize an “Israel Day” to celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut.
The new school opened in September 2013. It will open with grades 1 through 8.Grade 2 will be opened in the second year.A Mechina class will teach the basics of Hebrew language and Jewish Studies to children who have not previously studied within a Jewish framework.

The school will include both boys and girls, who will learn together in the same class. Class size will range from 6-15 students. The school day will extend from 8:00-16:00. The school will fulfill a need currently unmet in the Budapest Jewish community.

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