Two Thousand Years of Jewish Life in Crimea

This project develops and strengthens the Jewish identity of participants, through teaching them the history of the Jews of Crimea and Ukraine. The first year introduces students to this history, and to connections between the Diaspora and Israel. The second year will focus on the biography and legacy of famous Jews whose life and work was connected to the Jewish people and to Israel. The project also includes workshops which introduce students to Jewish arts and crafts.
The first semester extends from February through May. The second semester extends from September-December. Classes meet for two hours weekly at the Simferopol Hillel, for a total of 16 sessions during each semester.
The project conducts weekly classes on Jewish history from ancient to modern times; famous Jews in history; and Jewish culture and daily life within the Jewish community of Crimea and Ukraine.

It also conducts special activities once every two months. These have included a role-playing game, The Court of King Solomon; Quest “Yid’ll See”; and visits to Mangup and Chufut-Kale memorials of medieval history.

A College on Wheels “Jewish Expedition Through Time and Space in Crimea”, took participants to sites of historical and cultural importance to the Jewish community of Crimea (Eupatoria and Sebastopol).

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