The New Community Center in Tula

The new Community Center in Tula houses most of the city’s Jewish organizations, including a synagogue, a kollel, the “Stars” program for students, a museum of local Jewish history, the Comprehensive Jewish School and the offices of the applicant, the Tula Region Jewish Welfare and Community Center “Hasdei Neshama.”

The project implements an afterschool program for children in first to tenth grades who do not attend the Jewish school.  The youngsters arrive via organized transportation to the Community Center after their regular school day (which ends at 2.30pm), and receive a hot meal and assistance with their homework.  Following that the children are divided into four groups and study Hebrew language, Jewish tradition, Jewish arts including choir, theater and drawing, as well as sciences and English.  Depending on their age, the children participate in between four and 11 weekly hours of extra-curriculum studies at the Community Center.

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