Nordic Teachers’ Training Conference

This project is a pioneering effort to conduct training sessions to strengthen and broaden the knowledge and skills of Jewish Studies teachers throughout Scandinavia, and to facilitate exchange of experiences and lessons learned. The project also produced new educational materials (including textbooks and workbooks) appropriate for use in Jewish schools and kindergartens in Scandinavia.
The project included a teacher training conference in Stockholm. Participating teachers came from three cities, and included representatives from four Jewish day schools and other types of schools. The conference extended from Friday through Sunday, and included lectures, workshops, and celebration of Shabbat. Sessions were conducted within the forum of all conference participants, as well as for smaller groups of teachers from a single type of institution (day school; Hebrew school; or kindergarten), or working with a specific age group. One of the topics addressed in sessions was the need to learn how to involve the children’s families, particularly for teachers in Hebrew schools and in Jewish kindergartens.
During the course of the conference, teachers and educational experts began discussions about the process of developing new Jewish educational materials suitable for use in all countries of Scandinavia. They prioritized the types of materials to be produced, with the aim of developing and sharing new ideas for implementing existing curricula. Several working groups were formed at the conference in order to begin producing educational materials. These groups were arranged according to grade level and type of institution (e.g., kindergarten; supplementary school; day school). The working groups receive guidance from Israeli educational experts. During the course of the project, these groups continue to work to develop new educational materials, both via in-person working sessions and via the internet.
The project also includes development of a website.

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