Jew App — Jewish Mobile Application for iPhone/Android

This project developed a new free application for iPhones and Androids which helps users follow local Jewish life and events in Moscow and St. Petersburg, organizea “Jewish” information, and enriches their knowledge of Jewish Tradition. The application reaches out to those who already participate in Jewish community life, and will attract others who have not yet taken part in activities of the Jewish community. It offers a new way to communicate with local Jewish organizations, and provides a convenient “platform” which will allow both individuals and organizations to meet and to communicate.

Users are able to download the new Application, at no cost, from the Apple store or from Google Play. The application provides news, posts, and events from Facebook,, and websites of organizations, and arranges this information in a stream of activity on the user’s smartphone screen. Users are able to attach events to their calendars and receive reminders, and to see the event locations on a map. They may comment on events, view the comments of friends, and see who plans to attend. They also may use the application to create reminders about the start of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

A separate section of the application provides Jewish educational content through podcasts of lectures, and texts. The application also links to podcasts and audio recordings of lectures posted on the site ; and to Jewish texts and commentary on the sites and .

The application also includes information about Jewish locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This material comes from Wikipedia, Google Base, Yandex, and from independent work of the applicant.

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