Inter-Generation Follow UP Educational Program – Hungary

The Inter-Generation project works with Holocaust survivors who have never visited Israel and young adults in Hungary who have participated in the Taglit (Birthright) program. Based on creating connections between the two generations, the project, implemented by the Zachor Foundation, brings the elderly survivors and young adults together for monthly sessions over a 10-month period, followed by a group trip to Israel. To date eight cohort groups comprised of 102 Holocaust survivors and an equal number of post-Taglit young adults, have participated in the project.

To maintain the close relationships developed and continue the inter-generational dialog among these elderly Jews and young adults after their joint trip to Israel, the project offers 10-monthly meetings – of 90 minutes each – over the course of a year.   The structure of the meetings usually include a lecture, presentation, reading, film screening, or a panel discussion that focuses on Jewish culture, identity and history as well as some religious learning about the Jewish holidays. Following a meeting’s core presentation, participants take part in open discussion and reflection. On average, 10-20 young adults and 15-30 Holocaust survivors participate monthly. Between sessions, staff of Zachor reach out to the participating Holocaust survivors to maintain ongoing contact and gauge their wellbeing.

The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education is privileged to be involved in this important informal and adult education project. With the numbers of Holocaust survivors growing smaller each year, it is important to support an initiative that allows those who haven’t visited Israel to do so and, for today’s young adults to hear the survivors’ stories firsthand, and bear witness for the next generation.

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