Gates of Lauder School Wide Open

The Lauder School has an enrollment of some 250 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  The school, which has no specific religious affiliation, teaches Jewish tradition, history, ethics and basic religious practices and plays a central role in providing Jewish education in the Prague Jewish community.

With the goal of involving the wider Jewish community – in addition to its students and their families – the school has opened its doors, offering a rich mix of formal and informal Jewish education opportunities.  These include:

  • Afternoon lectures/ café for parents: introductions to a wide range of Jewish topics such as Jewish holidays and celebrations, Jewish parenting, and more.
  • Holiday celebrations for families: offering interactive Jewish craft workshops, performances and holiday meals.
  • Afternoon moadon/ afterschool activities for children: providing fun weekly 45-minute learning opportunities in Hebrew, English, sciences, arts and crafts, drama, sports, music and weekly Parashat Hashavua.
  • Students Conference: organized by the students of the Lauder School, this is an annual event open to both Jewish and non-Jewish youth from Prague and their teachers. The initial conference held in winter 2015 focused on the Role of Media.
  • The Global Day of Jewish Learning: part of a well-known international project, the Jewish community is invited for a day of lectures and activities focused on Jewish learning.
  • Read with Us: a Jewish reading club for kindergarten and elementary school children and their parents.

The Lauder School’s Coordinator of Jewish Studies is overseeing the program, which is staffed by the school’s Jewish Studies teachers, as well as other community educators and community members.

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