Evening Bet Midrash

The project is establishing an Evening Bet Midrash for adults, located in the Dor Revii premises. It is expected that most participants in the project will be university students, or adults with young families. The project aims to attract participants who have not previously participated in the Dor Revii community.
As a number of students are young parents, an educational program for their children will be conducted on Sunday mornings, during the hours of the Bet Midrash.

Students at the Bet Midrash study a wide range of source materials on Jewish culture and philosophy, as well as the theoretical foundations and the practices of Judaism. The curriculum includes the following subjects: Jewish History (2 hours weekly); Hebrew Language (3 hours weekly); Jewish Tradition (4 hours weekly); The Jewish Holidays (1 hour weekly); Jewish Resources on the Internet (1 hour weekly); and Psychology of Family Education (2 hours weekly). In Hebrew Language classes, students are divided into 2 groups, for beginners and more advanced students. The Jewish Tradition class curriculum includes Torah, Tanach, Mishna, and Gemara. The Jewish History class focuses on the 19th and 20th centuries, including the emergence of Zionism in Europe; European anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust; the founding of the State of Israel and its history through the present day. The Psychology class deals with issues related to raising children, and practical assistance in integrating Jewish morals, values, and traditions in the home. In the second year of the project, the Jewish Tradition and Jewish Philosophy course, and the Jewish History course, will have an additional group.
Classes take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 19:00-21:30; and on Sundays from 10:00-13:30. Three 40-minute classes are conducted each evening, and four class sessions take place on Sundays.

The project includes field trips and field seminars once or twice each month, to Jewish museums, synagogues, and community centers, and tours of Jewish historic sites. There also are meetings with leading figures in Jewish life and culture.
There will be a new intake of students in the second year of the project, resulting in beginning and advanced levels of courses in the Bet Midrash. 25-30 new students are expected to join the Bet Midrash in the second year.
The project evaluation includes regular written tests assessing mastery of the curriculum; attendance records; and student participation in Jewish holiday celebrations and other events in the Dor Revii community.

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