Etz Hadash: Informal and Virtual Learning

This innovative project was developed by Dor Hadash, an independent, grassroots egalitarian community that is affiliated with the Masorti movement. The project aims to provide informal and virtual learning Jewish programs based on the values of the Masorti movement, for educated, engaged and committed young adults and to develop a cadre of new leadership for the Hungarian Jewish community.

Each year the project will offer two Jewish Studies courses that meet once a month for 90-minute sessions. Courses being offered are: Introduction to the Rabbinical Texts and Sources; Practical Halacha; Jewish Background, Life, Lifestyle and the Theoretical Basis of Pluralism; Festivals, Prayers and Jewish Liturgy: Synagogue, Community, Family. Additionally, beginners and advanced Biblical Hebrew language course will be offered weekly. The Hebrew classes will be recorded and uploaded so that students can easily access the classes.

The project will also have a series of lectures on offer for those members of the community who are not participating in the courses detailed above. These lectures will be uploaded and available as podcasts, along with accompanying sources and handouts, so that community members can easily access the materials.

The Jewish community of Hungary is among the largest communities in Eastern Europe. The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education is excited to count this among its programs in Hungary, specifically targeting young adults and programs aimed at leadership development for this age group.

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