Beit Scopus: Young Leadership Development in Latin America – Latin America

Implemented by Hanoar Hazioni, the Beit Scopus project aims to train the next generation of Jewish leaders in Latin America. Training will focus on imparting skills and knowledge in, and commitment to, Israel advocacy, volunteerism and education. To accomplish this, Beit Scopus will establish the Beit Scopus School for Leadership Development, where participants from across Latin America will come together to learn and network. As part of the initiative, participants will develop their own programs that they will implement in their home communities or more widely in their home countries.

To achieve its goals, the following educational seminars and workshops are being offered:

Leadership Theory Sessions: These sessions will be held at local Beit Scopus centers on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule and focus on educating and empowering participants as leaders in their communities. The sessions will address Jewish, Zionist and leadership development topics and participants will be encouraged to take a hands-on approach to building the curricula.
Leadership Training Workshops: Two annual 10-day regional workshops, one each in northern and southern Latin America, will provide an opportunity for face-to-face meetings, networking and peer learning. Participants will receive training that they will be able to put into practice in implementing their own programs in their home communities and/or countries.
Continental Conference: This annual conference will bring together Beit Scopus Leadership Development participants from across Latin America for broader learning and networking opportunities. Participants will create a ‘program bank’ listing all the programs developed over the course of the year as part of the project, which will remain a resource for these and future leaders.
Regional pre-seminars will introduce participants to the project and prepare them for the year’s activities, while follow-up seminars will allow participants and staff to work together to evaluate the community programs they developed as part of the project.

Beit Scopus will provide guidance as graduates take on leadership positions in their communities and will continue to offer them further learning opportunities. The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education is proud to be part of this exciting undertaking that will help ensure the future of Jewish communal leadership in Latin America.

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