Am Yisrael Chai: Taglit Follow-Up Seminars

This project strengthens Jewish knowledge and Jewish identity among young people who have participated in Taglit trips to Israel, and enhances their ties to the State of Israel. Upon returning to Germany, Taglit alumni are invited to participate in seminars which focus on issues to which they were exposed during their time in Israel. Topics include: The History of Zionism; The Political, Cultural, and Historical Development of the State of Israel; The Middle East Conflict; The Role of Judaism in Jewish Identity; Jewish Religious Streams; Delegitimizing Israel as an Expression of Modern Anti-Semitism. In addition to conveying didactic material, the seminars further develop and promote connections among the participants, and help them to build a community infrastructure.

Three seminars take place each year, each of them in all likelihood with a different group of participants. However, the program is designed to accommodate those who wish to participate in multiple seminars.
The second year of the project includes a Get Together Event in Berlin, extending from Thursday evening through Sunday, to which participants in all of the seminars will be invited. This event aims to reinforce the establishment of Jewish networks throughout Germany.

The project also will develop a website which will promote sustained contact between seminar participants, and development of a virtual community of Taglit alumni in Germany.

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