An Online Course and Internship on Using Social Media for Community Promotion for Jewish Educators

At the Pincus Fund for Jewish Education we have been privileged, over forty years, to work with hundreds of communities and institutions doing great things in Jewish education. Many inspirational initiatives have come from small communities and young educators who are passionate about their ideas.
The Pincus Fund wishes raise awareness of these outstanding activities taking place in communities worldwide, using social media, newsletters, and its own platform, Jeducation World. To further this goal, we are now offering help in increasing the capacity of each community to become its own spokesperson by instructing local educators in the use of the full range of social media opportunities and developing their journalistic skills to promote what their communities are doing.
That is the idea behind the Pincus Ambassadors short course initiative.

Pincus Ambassadors are passionate Jewish educators who want to share their ideas and achievements with the rest of the world.
As a participant you will learn how to use the full range of social media and other digital tools both technically and in terms of how to articulate ideas and communicate them to others.
Successfully spreading the news about your community can play a part in increasing funding and support for local projects and organizations, while also helping the greater Jewish community by sharing inspirational ideas. Develop the professional skills that will help you do this by becoming a Pincus Ambassador.

Who Can Be a Pincus Ambassador?

The Pincus Ambassadors program is open to Jewish educational professionals, and to those planning a future career in Jewish education.
Educators from anywhere outside of the United States, Canada, or Israel are invited to apply. Applicants must have a good knowledge of English.
Up to a maximum of 10 successful applicants will be accepted onto the program. Only one applicant per region will be accepted.

Course Details

The six month online course commences September 2017.
Learning takes place through an online discussion forum, with guided facilitation and learning materials provided. Participants will be expected to complete several assignments throughout the course.

Course Facilitation

The course will be facilitated by the Pincus Fund’s Digital Projects Director, David Gutbezahl, with lectures from experts in the field of social media.

Completion / Ongoing Guidance

The course will provide information, skills and guidance necessary to maximize the capacity of participants to use social media more effectively. Participants may be invited to join a panel of writers who can be commissioned to write pieces for Jeducation World and other media outlets.


Applications are open until July 31, 2017. To begin the application process send the following to

Current Role in a Jewish Institution
Sample of an article you have written if available
Two References from the local Jewish Community