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Louis A. Pincus

Louis A. Pincus was born in South Africa, where he practiced law from 1934 through 1948. He served as chairman of the South African Zionist Socialist Party, and was co-founder of Habonim in South Africa. From 1940 through 1948, Mr. Pincus also served as Vice-Chairman of the Zionist Federation in South Africa.

Mr. Pincus made aliyah in 1948 just before the establishment of the State. He became the legal adviser and General Secretary to the Ministry of Transportation, and later served as the first managing director of El Al. In 1961, he was elected a member of the Jewish Agency Executive, and served as its treasurer. In 1966, the 27th Zionist Congress elected him Chairman of the Executive. Mr. Pincus played a major role in the restructuring of the Jewish Agency and he was elected Chairman of the Executive at the Founding Assembly of the Reconstituted Jewish Agency in 1971.

Mr. Pincus was firmly committed to strengthening Jewish education in the Diaspora and to that end, he worked toward the establishment of a fund to accomplish this aim.  Unfortunately, Mr. Pincus died in Jerusalem in 1973, before the founding of the Fund. The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education was formally established in 1976, and is dedicated to his memory.